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A World-class Training Program that is now Available to Everyone

Athletes and those serious about their sport and training are turning to NeuroForce1 to help them achieve their highest levels of fitness and improved recovery time. What used to be reserved for Olympic and elite athletes only, is now available to those who want the best outcome in their physical training.

So, how does it work?

Utilizing an in-depth understanding of biochemistry and anatomy/physiology, NeuroForce1 allows individuals to truly optimize the efficacy of achieving their goals in the safest and most efficient manner possible. This works of the highly individualized way that the program works. Truly, no two people will have the exact same NeuroForce1 program.

“NeuroForce1 provides objective, individualized and data-driven diagnostic testing and treatment modalities to the public that would traditionally only be available in high-end physiology labs and only to professional and Olympic-level athletes,” says chief science officer at NeuroForce 1, Kevin Longoria. “One of our goals is to level that playing field and bring these types of technologies to everybody and train with more efficiency.”

One of the NeuroForce1 devices is a highly developed “e-stim,” the NeuroForce1 (NF1) Electrical Stimulation Device. “That is electrical muscle stimulation,” says Longoria. “Instead of generic electrical stimulation of single wavelength protocols, we take it further. What we’ve done is combined multiple different waveforms into a single device. These unique waveforms each elicit a specific response from the body, everything from decreasing pain to increase muscular power. We are very specific with our protocols.” Instead of one stimulation waveform, there are different waveforms for athletes with different goals that are designed to address even someone’s specific position demands or regular movements.

Not only does NeuroForce1 work at a uniquely individual level, it also works in connection with the brain, retraining it how to effectively train and remember how to make certain movements.“We use a device similar to electric stimulation,” Longoria explains. “It stimulates the motor cortex of the brain which is where the brain learns. It stimulates the motor cortex while you’re doing something like a warm up. Then your body is primed to learn whatever you do next.” It allows the brain to be more receptive to muscle memory which leads to more effective training.

Whether an athlete wants to build muscle, prevent or recover from an injury, improve athletic technique or confront balance issues, NeuroForce1 can directly address an athlete’s vision of personal improvement. “We take the time to be very objective with each person,” finishes Longoria.

NeuroForce1 is currently working with several professional athletes in the MMA World including Henry Cejudo, Lyoto Machida, and Paulo Costa.

By Lynette Carrington