N euroForce1 (NF1) is not just another standard cookie-cutter training company that applies generic approaches to achieve subjective outcomes. NF1 provides individualized & data-driven programming developed by trained exercise physiologists & medical physicians based on the latest in medical grade research in the fields of athletic performance, training periodization, nervous system function and much more. At NF1, we do not claim to “hack” or “biohack” anything but leverage an in-depth understanding of biochemistry and anatomy/physiology to allow individuals to truly optimize the efficacy of their goals in the safest & most efficient manner possible.

The Missing Link

At NF1, our programs focus on training the mind in conjunction with the body. Research has disproven the “more training equals more gains” philosophy (i.e. overtraining) and has shown the value and importance of proper recovery at the level of the nervous system. Leveraging progressive medical grade diagnostics, recovery & performance modalities, including the NF1 Electrical Stimulation device, NF1 is the Evolution of Human Performance.

Program Development as Unique as You

Diagnostic testing is the cornerstone of all NF1 programs, as it allows our experts to truly understand an individual’s unique strengths and deficiencies in conjunction with life or sport-specific demands. Analysis of baseline data allows for individualized & data-driven program development that will exploit individual strengths and target deficiencies that may be causing symptoms or limiting performance. All NF1 diagnostics are medical grade, noninvasive and performed/analyzed by a qualified health professional.

Objective Outcomes

There is no need for subjectivity in modern training. Even heavily relied upon quantitative assessments such as scale weight can now be replaced by more accurate & objective diagnostics such as body composition analysis. Intermittent re-testing (frequency determined by program/individual diagnostic) allows for objective improvement monitoring of “before-and-after” data. This allows clients to understand exactly how well a program is working (motivation & positive reinforcement) as well as represents an opportunity for NF1 staff to adjust programs as needed to avoid plateaus associated with traditional static training programs.