The NF1 Story

Neuro Force One was founded by Karim Amin in 2017.  Since early in his entrepreneurial career Karim had a passion for seeking out the root cause of physiological dysfunction in an attempt to plot the most optimal route to reaching peak physical performance. This was never more prominent as in PCI Wellness, an outpatient treatment center focused on locating and eradicating the source of musculoskeletal pain and injury, in an industry inundated with the treatment of symptoms only.


This passion and treatment methodology attracted a whole host of professional athletes who soon reaped the benefits, one of which was Freestyle Wrestling Olympic Gold Medalist, Henry Cejudo, who came in search of a long term solution to a hand injury prior to a UFC fight on his rise to stardom. After experiencing such outstanding results from his treatment Henry requested that Karim assemble a team to apply the same inside-out approach from his treatment to his next fight camp.

Karim took the challenge and assembled a world class sports performance team to complement his treatment concepts and opened a state of the art facility in 2018 with the first major task of running the world championship camp of Henry Cejudo in his rematch against Demetrius “Mighty Mouse” Johnson at UFC 227. Karim’s goal was to compile a team of experts that could apply the same concepts he applied in the treatment of dysfunction in the areas of exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, nutrition and recovery to provide Henry with a fully-equipped, well-rounded sports performance team aimed at elevating his performance from every angle. The team deployed a scientific “readiness based” approach, later discussed on the Joe Rogan podcast,  in a “go hard or go home” combat training landscape and it was met by major resistance at first.  After just a few weeks, as body composition and performance metrics were rapidly improving under a training load that was far less than they were used to, the NF1 method began peaking the interest of coaches and sparring partners. Henry Cejudo won the world championship against someone, who at the time, was thought to be “the best pound for pound fighter on the planet” and went on to win 3 more world championship fights in 2 separate weight classes alongside NeuroForce1.

After which, NeuroForce1 went on to help a hundreds of other athletes from all major sports organizations (NFL, MLB, NBA, UFC, NCAA, IronMan, USA Olympians etc) achieve their peak performance, amassing 13 World/Olympic Titles, 19 National Titles/Medals, and hundreds of victories all without producing one single positive drug test. NF1 continues on their path in evolving with technology and sports science to churn out the best athletes in the world. In January 2022, they will be introducing the NF1 app which takes the same individualized, data driven approach used for all of their Olympic and professional athletes in the facility and brings it to the palm of the hands of the general population

Executive Team

Karim Amin


Karim Amin is a serial entrepreneur who has owned and operated numerous small businesses over the last 20 years. His entrepreneurial spirit and desire to help people reach their performance potential inspired him to build Neuro Force One, Inc., a Human Performance Center that provides an objective, individualized, data driven approach to optimizing health, performance and wellness. Karim has assembled a world class team that has amassed 17 world and 20 national titles/medals in professional and Olympic sports.

Before Neuro Force One, Karim was the CEO/Owner at the PCI Wellness, an Outpatient Treatment Center whose focus was on locating and eliminating the source of musculoskeletal pain and injury. Utilizing cutting edge technologies on professional athletes, he was able to accelerate the recovery process while increasing strength and range of motion. 

He is also the CEO/Owner of Parasitology Center Inc., a reference laboratory, through which he has worked with thousands of medical professionals with various areas of specialties from all 7 continents and collaborated with scientists with whom he has co-authored multiple professional publications and developed a world class proprietary product line.


Michael Dodd

Chief Operations Officer

Michael Dodd is a consummate company builder, with more than 15 years of experience in the C-Suite leading public and privately-held global companies. He is also an investor and advisor to numerous technology (hardware and software) and education companies. Michael has a distinct passion for building diversity and promoting minority, veteran, and disabled workers to greater opportunities within corporate America. 

From 2008 to 2014, Michael served at LeapFrog, the world’s leading Ed-Tech company for products sold at retail and used in schools, as both President and Chief Operating Officer, conceiving and developing the company’s best-selling products and leading a turnaround that saw LeapFrog’s value skyrocket from $60 million to more than $850 million over six years. He served as LeapFrog’s de facto CIO during this time, leading all R&D and engineering functions as well as all software and content development for educational books, interactive games, and videos. Under his direction, LeapFrog was a publicly traded company on NYSE before being acquired by Vtech in June 2016.

Prior to his time at LeapFrog, Michael served as co-founder and COO of Executive Technology, a leading diversity-based IT reseller and service provider to Fortune 500 firms. Michael was crucial in growing the company from $14 million in first-year revenues to more than $50 million in revenue in its second fiscal year. Before this, Michael served multiple C-Suite roles at Targus, Juniper Networks, and Compaq, leading substantial sales initiatives and growth in each role. Michael is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a BBA in Marketing.


Michael Grove

Director Information Technology

With over 20 years of progressive experience in the Information Technology industry, Michael has become a valuable resource to businesses that have a desire to make their ideas and vision come to life.

In 2000 Michael founded Internet Dzyns to provide development, support and digital marketing.  With 100’s of websites and web applications launched, Michael is accomplished and versed in nearly every aspect of the web environment. From design, development, and implementation to marketing, sales and support Michael has been successful in providing effective information technology strategies for improving and increasing business. Over the years Michael has had the opportunity and pleasure to work with many great tech forward brands including Wells Fargo, Sony, BenQ, Yahoo and many others. In 2018 Michael joined the Neuro Force One team to oversee all technology aspects of the business from online initiatives, mobile applications, facility infrastructure and software platforms.

Over the years Michael and Internet Dzyns has become a valuable resource to small, mid-size large businesses.  Always mindful of current and emerging technologies, methodologies and digital strategies, Michael maintains a focus on business development, efficiency and growth.

Jarret Eaton Neuro Force One

Jarret Eaton

Director Marketing and Social Media

Jarret Eaton is a retired track and field athlete who specialized in the 60m and 110m hurdles. Over his 10 year career, Jarret has achieved two world indoor championship medals (Silver and bronze) in the 60m hurdles and a 3rd place finish in the 4×1 at the Pan American Games for Team USA. With numerous other achievements, Jarret has had a full career traveling the world as a track and field star for Team USA.

With his MBA, Jarret brings years of personal experience leading the marketing, media and NIL departments at NF1. Jarret has worked with numerous brands during his professional career fostering lucrative deals, relationships and content. This brings a fresh and unique perspective to all of the departments he is involved in.

Jarret also founded a youth track club called Phoenix Youth Track Club in the central phoenix area where he helps develop the next future track stars in the valley.


Drake Huff

Director of Sports Science

Drake is a sports scientist with experience in maximizing human performance through research, strength and conditioning, and data-driven insights. Drake develops, implements, and directs the sports science initiatives with the goal of contributing to the optimization of athlete performance and recovery. He is in constant pursuit of answers to pivotal performance and recovery questions through the collection, analysis, and interpretation of athlete data and cutting-edge research. Drake also works as an adjunct professor in the field of performance science with coursework in sport performance, biomechanics, and physiology.

Certifications: MS, CSCS, PES, CES, MMACS, CPT, FMS


Andre Hicks

Director of Strength and Conditioning

Andre is a strength & conditioning coach who brings over a decade of experience working with athletes and teams from a wide variety of collegiate and professional sports organizations (NFL, MLB, NBA, UFC, NCAA, Team USA). In his collegiate years Andre developed a great interest in the field of strength and conditioning after playing NCAA football and graduating with a degree in Exercise Science.

Andre started his coaching career as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach serving Assistant S&C Director and S&C Director roles for a variety of collegiate sports teams as well as in the private sector.
In year 6 of his coaching career, Andre landed at NF1 where he began to serve as the Director of Strength and Conditioning in 2018.
In his time at NF1 the athletes Andre has coached have amassed 25 National titles/medals, 18 World and Olympic titles/medals, and he was nominated for Coach/Trainer of the Year by the World MMA Awards.

Certifications: CSCS, CES, FMS

Carson Gantzer

Assistant Sports Scientist / Performance Coach

Carson is a performance coach and sports scientist who brings years of experience working with a diverse range of individuals ranging from the geriatric population to athletes in the MLS Next division. During his masters program at Arizona State University, he conducted research exploring the feasibility of using soccer boot-based accelerometers and ground contact time to assess athletes’ readiness and how timing of the Nordic Hamstring Exercise within a soccer training session influences fatigue. He collects, analyzes, and interprets athlete data to inform athlete programming to maximize key adaptations for success. Carson also works as an adjunct professor creating and delivering courses related to exercise physiology, resistance training and cardiovascular adaptations, and recovery.

Certifications: MS, CSCS

Charod Bridges

Director of App Development & Performance Specialist

Charod Bridges is a performance specialist whose passion is helping athlete’s unlock their highest potential. As NY native, & former collegiate basketball player himself, he has been able to experience both sides of the intensity & competitiveness that comes along with the world of performance training. Over the past decade Charod has trained Elite NCAA & Professional athletes. He specializes in NFL combine Prep & Powerlifting. As a part of the NF1 team, Charod has transitioned from assisting in adding to the National/World Medal count, to assisting in bringing our secret sauce to the NF1 Performance Training App.

Certifications: NSCA CSCS

Jen Hatz

Jen is a registered dietitian and certified specialist in sports dietetics with a masters™ in nutrition, a certified strength and conditioning specialist with a masters™ in exercise physiology, and she also holds a degree in psychology. She has worked and
studied across the field of health and wellness over the last decade in a variety of roles, primarily as a sports dietitian and human performance specialist with athletes ranging from collegiate, professional, Olympic, and tactical populations. She focuses on utilizing science and technology with a practical application into real life creating a well-rounded approach of performance and wellness coaching for individuals to realize, meet, and exceed their own potential. Her future endeavors include conducting and contributing to research in pursuit of a PhD in neuroscience or related field, specifically focused on the relationship between lifestyle factors with neurodegenerative diseases like CTE, and concussion treatment protocols.

Certifications: MS, RD, LDN, CSSD, CSCS