In the past several decades, we have seen a rapid change in health & fitness prioritization. The average gym-goer is sacrificing true health/performance and suffering injuries to achieve a superficial appearance of health or an arbitrary number on a scale, ignoring what really matters: WHAT IS ON THE INSIDE

The NF1 Measure What Matters Initiative was developed to educate health & fitness professionals, as well as their clients, avoid crude and outdated assessments that often lead to discouragement and injuries.

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Body Composition

Body composition is an objective assessment of body fat, dry-lean mass (muscle, tissues, organs & bone) and overall water composition- thereby avoiding crude assessments such as BMI or scale weight to provide meaningful progress tracking.

body comp

Segmental Analysis

Segmental analysis provides insight into body fat & lean mass in each primary segment of the body: right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg & torso. This data may be utilized to understand specific areas that should be targeted, as well as functional strength & conditioning programs to minimize risk of injury.

Segmental analysis provides valuable data for functional programming.


Proper hydration is related to metabolism, body composition management, metabolic & neuromuscular efficiency & immune function. Dehydration leads to decreased overall performance and is a primary cause of training related injuries.

biological health

Biological Health

Bio-Wellness Index (BWI) score is based on the integrity of lean body mass in order to provide a more purposeful number for progress monitoring in promotion of health & longevity. BWI is represented as an easy to understand score (0-10) as well as a “Biological Age”.