NeuroForce1 provides mobile assessment services to local facilities interested in establishing a significant passive revenue stream while increasing value to clients and optimizing satisfaction & retention.



It’s simple! NeuroForce1 provides the skilled/certified technician and diagnostic testing equipment onsite at your facility for an agreed upon amount of time. Fees and testing capabilities vary by assessment but are typically charged on an hourly basis (plus a per visit transportation fee). Your facility is able to charge clients at your discretion to provide as a value added service or upcharge for profitability. Please inquire for more information.

*When applicable, NF1 also provides percentage based referral fees to local partners and businesses who establish a consistent referral stream to the Scottsdale facility. This is typically recommended for small practices or organizations as a ramp up phase until onsite testing can be established.


Optimize client adherence & retention
Provide valuable data to optimize current services
No additional overhead of staffing required
Available on ‘as-needed’ basis
Passive revenue opportunity
Unique & complimentary differentiator
Same day results for rapid decision making