Girl Taking Supplements to Boost Energy

What Are the Best Vitamins and Supplements for Energy?

Regular exercise and a healthy diet are on top of everyone’s minds when it comes to healthy living. But, living healthy also means maintaining a solid sleep schedule and avoiding any stress that may result in reduced energy levels. One solution you may find helpful is vitamins and supplements. But, which ones will help maintain strong energy levels?

NeuroForce1 is one of Scottsdale’s leading performance facilities that not only focuses on an athlete’s physical performance but on their nutritional efficiency. We offer an incredible array of supplements to ensure you benefit from maximum nutrition and health. After we build you an optimal nutrition plan, we introduce recommended supplements to help you reach your goals. Nutrition is the best place to start, but the addition of supplementation to your routine can help you reach the next level in your health. Read our blog post below and learn which ones will help boost your energy.

Ashwagandha Helps Boost Energy

Stress and anxiety can contribute to feelings of fatigue, making people less able to complete their daily tasks. One supplement that researchers have found to help boost people’s energy is ashwagandha, an evergreen shrub that’s grown in India, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. 

A 2012 study found that ashwagandha root extract helped ease the stress and anxiety of people after 60 days of consumption. Another study found that the extract may even improve people’s endurance during exercise. The researchers found that ashwagandha improved endurance rates in elite cyclists when they took 500 mg capsules twice a day.

Vitamin D May Improve Your Energy

Another supplement you may consider if you experience a loss of energy is vitamin D. Muscle fatigue is a common symptom for people who do not get enough vitamin D in their diet. Researchers in 2013 actually found that people with low vitamin D levels improved their muscle efficiency after they received treatment for their deficiency. 

Don’t Forget Those B Vitamins

Another vitamin you can’t forget about are B vitamins. They help create energy in our cells and people who experience vitamin B deficiencies often experience fatigue. This is very prevalent in older adults, vegetarians, and vegans as only animal products and fortified foods contain B vitamins. 

A B-12 deficiency can cause anemia, making people feel low in energy. Fortunately, people experiencing vitamin B efficiency can find support with vitamin B supplements to ensure their body is energized. 

A Boost of Energy Thanks to Creatine

Creatine is an amino acid that is mostly found in red meat and seafood. Creatine supplementation increases creatine storage in the muscles and helps improve performance during workouts.

A study from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that it is quite effective in improving recovery, preventing sports-induced injuries, and reducing the risk of heat-related illness. The study also found that creatine supplements are safe and well-tolerated amongst healthy people of all ages.

Iron Deficiency is No Joke

A deficiency in iron plays a heavy role in people feeling fatigued. 

It’s also very common for people who:

  • Are menstruating
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Are vegetarian or vegan
  • Participate in intense workouts
  • Donate blood regularly

Eating iron-rich foods with vitamin C can help increase absorption. So, eating fruits and vegetables like citrus and leafy greens should be of high priority in one’s diet. There are also many iron supplements available to help support your body as you build up your energy. 

NeuroForce1 Offers Many Energy Boosting Supplements

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