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Henry Cejudo Flyweight Title Defense on ESPN+

By January 19, 2019 No Comments

The Future of The Flyweight Division Is On The Line

1/19/2019 on ESPN+

henry cejudo joins the ufc
henry cejudo prefight workout

Henry Cejudo pokes fun at TJ Dillashaw’s physique ahead of flyweight fight
UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw looks like a different man entirely as he cuts down to 125 pounds for his Saturday night flyweight title fight with Henry Cejudo, which will air on ESPN+.
by Tom Taylor

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Clinically Validated Muscle-Exertion Wearable Help Underdogs Win
When Henry Cejudo squared up then-UFC Flyweight champ Demetrious Johnson in August, he, too, was rated the underdog. But Cejudo would snap Johnson’s 11-match streak of title defenses. Behind the scenes, those upsets were linked by a single piece of technology: a clinical-grade device that told Williams and Cejudo exactly how hard to push in training sessions and when to takes rests.
By Jen Booton

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UFC 227: How science will help Henry Cejudo beat Demetrious Johnson
Everything is revolving around science with my recovery and keeping the body healthy,” Cejudo explained to Sporting News. “I wake up every morning and do the Omega weight, which is a device that checks my stress level and dictates how hard I should train that day.
by Steven Muehlhausen