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Drip Yoga launch party in Westwood, CA on Sunday August 18 at 11:00 AM.

This exclusive event will include elite LA models & influencers, including founder Vera Wu, 2019 Covergirl Model. Drip will be announcing its partnership with NeuroForce1, a progressive science-based training company working with elite athletes including Henry Cejudo, US Olympic Gold Medalist & current UFC Flyweight & Bantamweight Champion of the World.

NF1 will introduce the Biostrap, the first clinical-grade & dual sensor wearable system available to the mass market, and discussing its applications with Drip Yoga.

Drip Yoga and NF1 are bringing science to the forefront of live stream training classes. Combining exclusively lead  yoga sessions with live stream classes the aim is to provide access to affordable but quality content. With the inclusion of the NF1 Biostrap for all Drip users, whether it be in the live class, or in a remote capacity we can monitor form and stress and make suggestions to improve outcomes.