If You’re Not Assessing, You’re Guessing

Traditional weight loss programs apply a generic approach to a very complicated problem set. This is why many individuals do not achieve results, or at best reach a plateau and typically regain their weight. Crude assessment tools such as scale weight or BMI really do not provide an objective measurement of your health deficiencies and can typically be very discouraging to individuals undergoing lifestyle change.

At NF1, we measure and track your body composition (body fat, muscle and water) in addition to various other important health & wellness biomarkers such as your metabolism, nutritional & hydration status, which represents an objective and much more valuable measurement of your health. Participants in the NF1 Fat Loss programs will be intermittently re-tested to objectively quantify progress and adjust treatment programs as needed (such as caloric intake) to provide a source of positive reinforcement for your efforts, maintain motivation and avoid plateaus associated with traditional nutrition programs.

A typical NF1 Fat Loss/Lifestyle Management program will include:

Baseline Assessment

Comprehensive assessment to understand current body composition, hydration/nutritional status & more, to quantify and target deficiencies that may limit performance.

Body Composition Monitoring

Tracking body composition (body fat, muscle & water) represents a more important and objective approach to progress tracking compared to crude assessments such as scale weight or BMI.

Data-Driven Nutrition & Education

Resting metabolic rate (RMR) is an objective assessment of an individual’s metabolism and removes the guesswork associated with traditional & suboptimal nutrition programs. Determine exact caloric & macronutrient intake to achieve your goals.

Data-Driven Personal Training

Aerobic (fat-burning), biomechanical & strength/power guided by a qualified trainer to optimize the efficiency of achieving your goals.

Nervous System Therapy

Autonomic nervous system function/on-going monitoring to assess recovery and overtraining status (typically performed at each training session).

Targeted Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)

Optimize overall circulation and oxygen-rich blood flow for optimal muscular hypertrophy, aerobic capacity, relieve pain and tighten/firm skin. Also, NMES will stimulate healthy mitochondria to optimize fat oxidation.


Lymphatic & nervous system targeted recovery therapy to minimize inflammatory/catabolic effects of exercise.

On Going Monitoring

Progress & training status to avoid plateaus and optimize results.