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The Phase I Validation study was developed to expose a target population of college students to the NF1 Biostrap and Platform for feedback and insight into baseline biometrics. These students had access to the base platform which included minimal interventions and recommendations.

Adherence: 92.7%

  • Over the duration of 8 weeks, participants wore the NF1 Biostrap devices approximately 92.7% of the time, with slightly higher adherence for the wrist sensor and lower with the foot sensor.

Activity: 75% of all participants increased physical activity over the duration of the study. Daily step count was 26.3% higher than the average for age demographic.

  • Total daily steps increased by 17%
  • Total distance travels increased by 0.6 miles/day representing a 20% increase
  • Activity related caloric expenditure increased by 33% on average

GCUchart-activity.Health & Stress Biometrics: 100% of participants increased heart rate variability (HRV) over the duration of the study. The average post-study HRV (rMSSD) was 87 ms, which is in the 83rd percentile for age demographic.

  • HRV increased by 15% on average
  • Nocturnal Resting Heart Rate decreased by 7% on average

GCUchart-healthbioSleep: Despite a decrease in total sleep duration (-5%), 100% of participants improved sleep efficiency, deep sleep, and overall sleep score.

  • Sleep Efficiency improved 2%
  • Deep Sleep duration increased 10%
  • NF1 Sleep Score improved by 9% on average

GCUchart-sleepPositive Influences: increased active caloric expenditure & early sleep onset lead to the greatest change in biometric trends

Negative Influences: circadian disruption (not going to sleep and waking up at the same time each day) and weekends (Friday & Saturday evenings) had the greatest negative influence on biometric trends.

Phase II: NF1 looks forward to commencing in the Phase II validation study with Grand Canyon University, which will dive deeper into cardiorespiratory fitness, neuromuscular efficiency and nutrition integration.