Your Scored In The Medium Range For You Gut Health

Based on your score, you may be experiencing negative effects related to your gut health, your nervous system stress response, and the combined effects across both. There are many factors at play that can contribute to this dynamic, so we want to make finding a solution easy.
We recommend you begin Reset as an easy-to-use gut health protocol to address your gut health integrity, inflammation, and support your immune system functions and healthy gut microbiota. Click the link below and receive a FREE 10 Day Sample of RESET.

We also recommend you tailor your activity and lifestyle stress to accommodate your current nervous system functioning. This is the key concept behind sports science, and how NF1 consistently trains champions; by adjusting the stressors we can control so we can adapt and overcome. Download the NF1 app for free and sync the app with your wearable device to see how your training adapts to you based on your own response.

For more tips and resources on how to address your gut-brain connection, how to optimize your gut health, and how to improve and progress in your goals while managing your stress response, check out our Gut Health Resource Library.

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