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Henry Cejudo and NeuroForce1 take center cage, August 4 in Los Angeles at UFC Fight 227

As one of the most celebrated and revered fighters in any weight class, UFC fighter Henry Cejudo could not take on his upcoming title fight on August 4 in Los Angeles all by himself. It takes a specialized team to put the Olympic gold winning wrestler-turned-UFC fighter at the top of his game, so he can take on undefeated Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson. A part of that elite fighting recipe includes NeuroForce1.

There are many ways that a world-class athlete can train. Cejudo has enthusiastically embraced NeuroForce1 in his daily training. Director of Neurotherapy for Neuroforce1 Andre Hicks, CSCS, CES explains, “Our NeuroForce1 devices are used for everything from pain relief, to recovery, to muscle development. The use of our devices and protocols all depends on the needs of the client. For Henry, we use the full spectrum of our programs. We use settings during his strength and conditioning sessions to increase the strength and efficiency of his muscles. We use settings after training to cut his recovery time in half. We use settings to help him get deeper, more restful sleep. We use settings to help him learn movements at faster rates and we use settings to help him alleviate aches and pains.”

Hicks has been with working with Cejudo to experience how NeuroForce1 has improved every aspect of his training and recovery. “The biggest change I’ve seen in Henry is his ability to recover after training. Based on the physical workload Henry is under, the time for his body to make a full recovery should be enormous, but it’s not,” says Hicks. “Though he may experience some soreness and fatigue, our data is showing near full recoveries each day, which allows him to get right back on the mat for training in that same day. We monitor the state of his nervous system daily then adjust his recovery protocols accordingly. His body is responding very well.”

“At NeuroForce1, we don’t just rely on our technology to do the work,” Hicks explains. “We meet our technology half way by utilizing scientific training protocols, world class supplementation and intelligent nutrition plans.”

By Lynette Carrington