Not All Muscle Is Built The Same

Maintaining proper muscle mass to support your function (sport or lifestyle) reduces the risk of injury, improves overall body composition, aids in the preservation of bone density as you age, and optimizes your metabolism.

The NF1 Muscle Building Program will optimize the efficiency of reaching & exceeding your goals through targeted and individualized approaches, including the type of muscle (I vs II) and the desired function of that muscle (ex: pliability for impact sports or density for aesthetics/body building).

A typical NF1 Muscle Building program will include:

Baseline Assessment

An in-depth assessment of current skeletal muscle mass (and overall body composition), muscular symmetry, nervous system function and deficiencies that may limit muscular hypertrophy (ex: excess stress).

Targeted Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)

Optimize oxygen-rich blood flow for optimal muscular hypertrophy/growth.

Data-Driven Biomechanical Training

Strength training for restoring/maintaining optimal biomechanics and muscular symmetry to minimize risk of injury.

Data-Driven Exercise

Optimal heart rate training zones for fat burning without sacrificing muscle mass.

Data-Driven Nutrition

Individualized caloric, macronutrient & food lists based on your unique physiological results guaranteed to optimize muscular hypertrophy.

Data-Driven Hydration & Supplementation

Individualized hydration & supplementation recommendations to support muscular hypertrophy and overall cellular health.

Neural Priming

Activate the motor cortex and optimize performance and neuromuscular function/skill retention.

Progressive Recovery

Lymphatic & nervous system targeted recovery therapy to minimize inflammatory/catabolic effects of exercise.

On Going Monitoring

Progress & training status to avoid plateaus and optimize results.