NeuroForce1 is currently in the R&D phase of the Gym of the Future (GOF) concept, which will provide the highest level of Integrative Fitness 2.0 training to ALL individuals wanting to optimize health & performance in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

The GOF will offer hybrid programming ranging from 100% remote diagnostic assessments, training and monitoring available to athletes all over the world, to 100% at-facility training for local clients seeking a hands-on personal training experience. Hybrid programming may include remote athletes who visit brick-and-mortar locations intermittently for comprehensive diagnostic assessments, to individuals who seek a mix of in-person and remote training programs.

All clients will be provided with medical-grade Wearable Tech 2.0 and the NF1 App for 24/7 data collection, progressive monitoring and dynamic programming.

See NF1 App for more information on our comprehensive health integration system, including nutrition tracking & timing with dynamic schedule integration, individualized cardiovascular & strength conditioning programming, periodization and monitoring, community boards & much more!