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NeuroForce1 has leadership and staff passionate about sports training and recovery

The NeuroForce1 training and therapy system is a valuable solution for world-class athletes, those who are serious about their personal training or in need of recovery from injury or surgery. The company’s state-of-the-industry facility in Scottsdale includes the diagnostic and training tools necessary for an extremely comprehensive intake session with each potential client. Tours of the NeuroForce1 facility are always available and can be scheduled via the company’s website.

The beautiful NeuroForce1 facility is located in Scottsdale and offers its clients diagnostic testing offices, a traditional gym with expansive turf area, recovery treatment rooms, an education and presentation room and much more. Anyone who is interested in improving their sports and fitness training, minimizing athletic recovery time or just healing more quickly from surgery or an injury owes it to themselves to try NeuroForce1, one of the most comprehensive systems in the world that was previously only available to the most elite level athletes in the world.

Many world class athletes utilize the personalized services of NeuroForce1, including several professional UFC athletes who have reported improved training and a much quicker recovery time after a competition. The NeuroForce1 system is not just a fly-by-night Band-Aid, it is a proven system to target the root cause of health or training deficiencies, with medical research and results behind it.

The company’s CEO, Karim Amin has been hugely successful in the areas of medical aesthetics, nutraceuticals and correcting toxic conditions and constitutional imbalances. The Chief Science Officer, Kevin Longoria is an exercise physiologist who has owned and operated a medical diagnostic company for the past several years in Arizona. He is also a highly sought-after public speaker and educator with a passion for health, wellness and improving performance.

The Director of Neurotherapy is Andre Hicks. Andre previously worked as a college football strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist, in addition to being certified in many different areas of health and fitness including Yoga. The most recent addition to the NeuroForce1 team includes Dr. Jessica Folz, NMD. Dr. Folz specializes in prolotherapy and regenerative medicine. She is also a health coach and personal trainer.

If you are ready to get serious about your sport, your training, your health and your recovery, you owe it to yourself to make an appointment to visit NeuroForce1 and see how the personalized system can help you with a variety of goals.


By Lynette Carrington