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NeuroForce1 is positioned to change the fitness, training and wellness industries

In the past years, the fitness and wellness industry has been saturated with fad programs and routines claiming to be “the next best thing” by leveraging subjective outcomes. Remember Aerobics, Tae Bo, Jazzercize or even the Thighmaster? Some fitness programs stick, but as history has proven, many do not due to the lack of results that they deliver, leaving many consumers confused about what actually works. NeuroForce1 with its tagline “The Evolution of Human Performance” has addressed this issue with it’s individualized, objective and data-driven approach.

The neuro therapy and training company has designed a program that is not a fad or based on some late-night infomercial hoopla. Rather, the program has been developed by trained exercise physiologists and medical physicians who are serious about the science, technology and proven track record of success of NeuroForce1. Although many successful world-class athletes use NeuroForce1 as part of their training and recovery regimen, the system is available to anyone who is serious about their health, wellness, and training.

Each training session with NeuroForce1 is highly personalized to meet an individual’s specific needs. During an initial intake, clients undergo a comprehensive baseline assessment that is tailored to their unique sport, goals or health deficiencies. Many individual’s baseline assessments will include measurements of body composition, muscular symmetry, balance, biomechanics, nervous system function and much more. This data is then analyzed by an expert staff member to develop a program that is completely unique to the individual. This intake is relatively rapid and completely non-invasive but reveals objective information that will allow for an individualized approach.

NeuroForce1’s expert staff is dedicated to meeting and exceeding their clients’ expectations by enabling them to achieve their goals in the safest and most efficient manner possible. NeuroForce1 experts are dedicated to ongoing research in the fields of health, wellness, training periodization, nervous system function and much more, allowing them to stay ahead of the game and truly make it the Evolution of Human Performance.


By Lynette Carrington