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NeuroForce1 – Personalized Neuro Therapy and Training Designed for the Way You Live and Train

NeuroForce1 (NF1) is a training and therapy system that utilizes medical-grade diagnostic testing to collect physiological data and develop a training program that is unique to the individual.

In addition to the many world-class athletes that have utilized NF1’s hyper-targeted services, including several professional UFC fighters, these programs are now also available to athletes of all levels, individuals undergoing rehabilitation or recovering from an injury, or just those interested in improving body composition. Because the system is entirely personalized, the NeuroForce1 system will be different for each person.

NeuroForce1 has developed a personalized electrical stimulation device that addresses the unique deficiencies that may be limiting an individual’s performance or causing symptoms. Electrical stimulation (ES) utilizes the application of controlled electrical impulses delivered from a device to the body by electrodes. Electrical stimulation is often used in clinical and sports medicine settings to elicit changes in cellular and nervous system function, muscular contractions and optimize oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow to targeted areas. When performed properly, ES is proven to enhance the body’s ability to recover following exercise or injury. It also increases muscular hypertrophy/strength, assists in pain management and optimizes athletic performance.

During an intake session at the home office, the expert staff will help to develop the exact electrical stimulation designed to work one-on-one with an individual’s body. The waveforms utilized were developed to mimic the same stimulation as would occur in a healthy individual in ideal conditions, allowing the electrical stimulation to work at the root cause of the individual inefficiency. Medical-grade research has shown electrical stimulation to be safe and effective for individuals suffering from various health conditions and may also help with the prevention of injuries and the development of health conditions.

To truly optimize performance, traditional gym training and generic personal training are just not enough. NeuroForce1, which is located in Scottsdale, AZ, welcomes and encourages individuals to come and visit the facility and consult with an expert staff member to discuss how NF1 can benefit them.

By Lynette Carrington