NeuroForce1 (NF1) is a progressive neuroscience & medical-grade diagnostic testing company that emphasizes the importance of training and reprogramming the nervous systems (enteric, autonomic & central; the brain & gut) in conjunction with the physical body to optimize human athletic performance, overall health & longevity.

By combining NF1’s integrative approach with medical-grade diagnostic testing, NF1 has unlocked the ability to prescribe and execute individualized & data-driven wellness & athletic training programs that target functional deficiencies and exploit strengths through the optimization of metabolic & neuromuscular efficiency in the safest & most efficient manner possible.

All programs are developed by trained Exercise Physiologists and medical professionals based on the latest medical research in the fields of health/wellness, strength & conditioning, nervous system function & periodization. At NeuroForce1, we do not claim to “hack” or “biohack” the human body, but leverage an in-depth understanding of biochemistry, psychology and anatomy/physiology.

Assess, Don’t Guess

There is no room for subjectivity & guess work when it comes to optimizing health, athletic performance and achieving individual goals. NeuroForce1 takes the time to assess each individual to quantify the degree of strengths & deficiencies to be targeted with data-driven programs.

Understand the Gray Areas

Many approaches tend to be over simplistic and claim to be absolute solutions; there are often many gray areas that slip through the cracks leading to variance in progress and suboptimal individual health outcomes. NeuroForce1 believes that optimal health and performance can only be accomplished when multiple approaches are synergistically integrated.

Function is Key

NeuroForce1 develops and executes programs based on your unique functional needs & goals; we do not train a professional athlete in the same way we do an individual seeking optimal health & body composition management, nor do we train two athletes of varying sports or positions the same.

One Size Cannot Fit All

Generic and static “one size fits all” will always lead to suboptimal outcomes and physiological adaptations, wasting time and often perpetuating the risk of injury.

Reinforce & Educate When Possible

The basic principles of psychology say that if you want have an individual continue a certain behavior, you must find a way to make them feel good (i.e. positive reinforcement) in response to that behavior. Through a simple to understand educational based approach & intermittent retesting, NF1 shows clients objective quantifiable progress that keeps them motivated.

Inside-Out & Whole-Body Approach

Through in-depth neurological, metabolic and other functional assessments, NF1 takes the time to truly understand the root cause of an issue, which is typically at the functional unit of gut bacteria, cell membrane integrity or neuromuscular communication which may be missed or ignored in traditional approaches.


Emphasis on restoring and optimizing gut health, cognitive function, stress responses and recovery through a nervous system based approach.


Integrative & progressive approach to optimizing metabolic efficiency and the physical body while minimizing risk of injury and ill metabolic effects of exercise.


Functional integration of the mind & physical body to optimize performance, health & wellness, and longevity.