NeuroForce1 utilizes medical-grade diagnostic testing to provide an objective & data-driven approach to optimizing human wellness & performance. All NF1 diagnostic assessments are non-invasive and provide actionable data to be leveraged in NF1 training programs.

There are various levels of training difficulty that will be tailored to individuals based on diagnostic assessment results and progress monitoring.

Baseline Assessment

Collect applicable health and performance biomarkers to objectively assess individual strengths and deficiencies.

Program Development

Leverage data to develop 100% individualized program that will exploit strengths and target deficiencies with data-driven therapy prescriptions.

Objective Improvement Monitoring

Objectively quantify improvements as needed to provide source of positive reinforcement, optimize compliance and adjust programs as needed.


Diagnostic testing is the cornerstone of all NeuroForce1 programs, as it allows our experts to truly understand unique strengths and deficiencies that may be limiting performance, increasing risk of injury or the root cause of health/wellness concerns including body composition management. NF1 experts do not believe in “one-size-fits-all” treatment protocols, and therefore leverage medical-grade and noninvasive diagnostic testing performed & analyzed by qualified health professionals to develop 100% individualized programs.

We take the time to understand and train YOU, not somebody like you with similar goals.


There is no longer a need for subjectivity and guess work in modern training. Even heavily relied upon quantitative assessments such as scale weight can now be replaced by more accurate and objective assessments such as segmental body composition analysis (measurement of body fat, muscle and water in each portion of the body), which is significantly more important to your health than crude assessments such as body mass index.

Daily biometric monitoring & intermittent comprehensive re-testing (frequency determined on an individual basis) allows for objective improvement monitoring through the comparison of “before and after” data. This allows our clients to truly understand how well a program is working (motivation & positive reinforcement), as well as represents an opportunity for NF1 staff to adjust programs as needed to avoid plateaus associated with traditional static treatment programs.