Karim Amin


Karim Amin graduated from ASU with a business degree in 1997. He has owned and operated many small business ventures including most recently PCI clinical laboratory and PCI Wellness Center and now has focused his efforts in the field of neuroscience and is utilizing the latest technologies to maximize the human performance potential.

Karim has been an avid health and fitness enthusiast his whole life and started personal training in 2002 in San Diego as part of Corporate Wellness Programs. As his professional career evolved he defined a need to bridge the gap between traditional and alternative medicine which is driven by everyone’s unique circumstances. As owner and CEO of the PCI Lab and Wellness Center, he polished his expertise on pathogens, toxicity disorders, constitutional imbalances and the human response as well as medical aesthetics, strengthening and conditioning and injury rehabilitation using electrical muscle stimulation and has counseled many traditional and alternative doctors in all areas of expertise. This led to him co-authoring several papers in scientific journals and aid in the formulation of the world-famous nutraceutical “Freedom Cleanse Restore”.

Karim believes that patient knowledge and feedback are the cornerstone of responsible health care decision making. He believes the optimal state of health is a balance of harmony between body, mind, and spirit. Using individualized cutting edge physical therapies and integrative programs, powered by science and technology, Karim has dedicated his career to helping others achieve complete wellness from the inside out.

Kevin Longoria

Chief Science Officer

Kevin Longoria is an expert in the field of physiological diagnostic testing and the Co-Founder of ACUITEST, LLC in Scottsdale, Arizona. Kevin has extensive experience providing data-driven solutions to populations ranging from the critically ill to Olympic athletes, providing him with a unique perspective to optimizing human potential and longevity.

As a founder of ACUITEST, a mobile medical grade physiology testing company, Kevin has successfully developed and launched objective testing and progress tracking protocols for prestigious and well respected medical practices and professional athletic organizations, including the Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB).

Beyond his work at ACUITEST, Kevin’s passion for research and education has led to his roles as a physiological consultant and public speaker. Kevin is pleased to be a member of the Integrative Wellness Alliance, a group of progressive medical physicians and health professionals who hold wellness events, including the Life360 Annual Summit, to educate the local population on the latest research related to wellness, longevity and optimizing life performance.

Andre Hicks

Director of Neurotherapy

Andre Hicks is a strength and conditioning coach specializing in corrective exercise and biomechanics. Andre is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, corrective exercise specialist and a corrective holistic exercise kinesiology and holistic lifestyle coach among other certifications including Yoga instructor and personal trainer. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Southwest Baptist University where he excelled in collegiate football and set many strength and conditioning records, he went on to become the head strength and conditioning coach for his alma mater. This gave him the opportunity to work with a wide variety of collegiate athletes as well as semi-pro and amateur athletes through his sport performance coaching business. Since coaching, Andre has been sharpening his skills as a corrective exercise program design consultant working with chiropractors, physical therapists, medical doctors and sports performance gyms.

After suffering from many injuries that led to surgeries during his collegiate football career, Andre experienced many forms of therapy and medication with very limited results. This forged a strong desire to find the root cause of dysfunction and pain and how to eradicate it…for good. Since then, Andre has been conducting a relentless study of the human nervous system and the role it plays in pain, dysfunction and performance. Andre has used his professional background and this knowledge of the nervous system to rid himself of pain and enhance his performance and now uses it to help many others do the same.