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Data integrity is of the utmost importance when relied upon for decision making. A major issue with the current wearable landscape is a lack of data reliability/integrity which can represent a disservice to end users if they are utilizing this data to adjust training or lifestyle behaviors. The NF1 Biostrap is the only clinically validated dual sensor wearable system.


In order to execute an individualized approach and optimize the rate of physiological improvements, you must have access to applicable & reliable assessment data. The Biostrap provides clinically reliable assessments & data trend analysis in a remote capacity – thereby providing valuable assessment functionality to users who may not otherwise have access due to geographical or financial limitations.

Assessments include:

  • Cardiorespiratory Fitness (VO2max)
  • Vertical Jump
  • Reactive Strength Index
  • Balance
  • Circulation/Arterial Health
  • Linear Regression Strength Assessments
  • Movement Efficiency
  • Clinical Sleep Analysis
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Daily Recovery Analysis
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