Through an individualized approach utilizing clinical-grade data collection and functional outcome monitoring, combined with the basic principles of psychology including positive reinforcement to maintain motivation & gamification, NF1’s Integrative Fitness Platform represents THE health & fitness solution for all populations ranging from youth to geriatric, and compromised health to elite athlete.


Safe & Effective

Easy to Understand & Apply

Reinforcement Based

Clinical Wearable System

The NF1 Biostrap is a modular wearable system that provides clinical grade assessments (unlock the ability to execute individualized approach), guided training protocols and reliable health monitoring & insights. In addition to all clinical biometric collection available with other wearable systems, the NF1 Biostrap also delivers:

  • Clinical Sleep Analysis
  • Mind & Body Recovery Analysis
  • Autonomic Balance
  • Cardiorespiratory Fitness
  • Circulation
  • Velocity Strength Assessment
  • Biomechanical Evaluation
  • Reactive Strength Index
  • Vertical Jump Dynamics
  • Guided Training
  • Individualized Insights

Platform Solution

Guided Training

Prescribe & monitor exercise/training protocols for optimal safety & outcomes

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Cardiovascular Exercise
  • Guided Meditation
  • Breathing
  • Recovery & MUCH MORE

Ongoing Monitoring

Custom scoring algorithms to yield easy to understand & apply recommendations and an intrinsic source of positive reinforcement to maintain motivation & adjust programs as needed to avoid plateaus.


Earn NF1 Tokens to exchange for prizes, discounts, etc. or host custom challenges with friends, family or co-workers.

Nutrient Timing Integration

Full nutrition & supplementation integration, unlocking the ability to execute individualized nutrient timing protocols.

Data Sharing

Allows you to auto-share your data with family, friends, medical professionals, etc. with weekly or monthly data trend analysis and scorecard.




The Latest in Wearable Tech

The NF1Biostrap + Platform is the health and fitness solution here to help optimize your life and start your personal evolution. Sign up today to take part in our beta launch. Leave your name and email and we will get back to you soon.