Measure What Matters

Clinical assessments modules within the NF1 Integrative Fitness Platform include:

bio icon cardiofitness

Cardiorespiratory Fitness

bio icon HRV

Heart Rate Variability

bio icon arterial2

Arterial & Peripheral Elasticity

bio icon sleep

Daily Sleep & Stress

bio icon linear

Linear Regression Strength Analysis

bio icon reactive 1

Reactive Strength Index

bio icon vert

Vertical Jump

bio icon balance2


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bio icon comprehensive2

Comprehensive Movement Efficiency Screen

screen assessments

Analysis of these assessments allow for the development of individualized and data-driven Guided Training protocols.


Take the guess work out of your training and always know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals in the safest & most efficient manner possible.

When To Train

Based on daily physical & mental recovery parameters, the platform will inform you whether today is a good day to recover or train based on the nervous system’s readiness for adaptation.

What To Train

In accordance with your functional goals, the platform will recommend which type of training will be most effective based on data trends and previous exercise history.

How To Train

The Guided Training modules will walk you through every rep & set of your training session, including resistance prescription and phase-based rep timing, as automatically classify your exercises and exercise form without additional manual input. With built-in autoregulation capabilities, the Guided Training will also inform you if you should stop an exercise early due to increased risk of injury.

Guided Training modules within the NF1 Integrative Fitness platform include:

bio icon corrective

Corrective Exercise

bio icon functional

Functional Strength & Conditioning

bio icon cardio

Cardiovascular Training

bio icon meditation


bio icon recovery 1


bio icon meditation


Recover faster, perform better

Heart Rate Variability represents your body’s physiological state to determine your personal readiness to perform.

After establishing your baselines, you unlock personalized insights and your desirable ranges to keep you in optimal performance.

Trending your biometrics over time allows you to to see what behavior changes are affecting your baselines at the macro level.

bio screen iPhoneX hrv


Go beyond an arbitrary number of steps and discover how stress, sleep & lifestyle habits impact your health & performance. Through in-depth analysis of your biometric data, activity & life performance, the NF1 platform is able to deliver personalized insights that can be applied in everyday life.

“Your body is showing signs of fatigue & exhaustion. Based on your data, optimal recovery is achieved when you sleep for a minimum of 7 hours 18 minutes.”

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biofit app screens6

“You are displaying a high level of stress today. In the past, a 30-minute meditation session improved your stress levels by 17%. Would you like to schedule a meditation session?”

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