Structuring, conducting and ultimately producing validation research for your product(s) can often be a time consuming and expensive process. While many companies simply “piggy back” off of prior research performed on a similar product, NF1 is now offering you the ability to perform no-cost validation research to collect real outcome data on populations ranging from compromised health to World Champion athletes. If you truly believe in your product, put it to the test!



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The primary goal of the NF1 Lab is to gather real data from real people participating in real life. The metrics utilized to assess parameters including sleep efficiency, recovery, stress and overall performance are only as valuable as the reliability of the data collection, construct validity of the study itself and how the data is analyzed for statistical significance.

All NF1 validation studies are performed utilizing clinical-grade equipment under the guidance of a qualified/certified professional and in a natural setting that limits confounds associated with clinical data collection (white coat syndrome, clinical sleep analysis, etc.). While many of our studies do involve a placebo or control group, we believe the greatest significance is delivered by comparing an individual’s baseline/pre-intervention data to objective & quantifiable improvements over time.

Utilizing the NF1 Biostrap, the first clinically validated wearable technology, in addition to clinical grade assessment technology at the NF1 Lab, we are able to provide unique reliable data collection methods to individuals without geographical limitation.

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