Treating the Root of Your Pain

At NF1, pain relief does not mean putting a band-aid on the symptom so you simply do not feel the pain, but applying an integrative approach to truly understand, target and treat the root cause. Although we understand that many individuals just want to be pain-free, traditional approaches typically only lead to other health issues due to the many side effects.

Our non-pharmaceutical & non-invasive approach to pain relief includes an in-depth baseline assessment of your nervous system function, organ function, inflammation, biomechanics, nutritional & exercise habits, overall lifestyle and much more. Utilizing this data to understand any current deficiencies that may be causing or exacerbating your symptoms, a completely individualized program is developed FOR YOU, not somebody like you with similar symptoms.

The basis of our Pain Relief & Rehabilitation programs is Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES). Combined with individualized exercise, nutritional and supplemental intervention as needed our programs typically deliver immediate & profound improvements in your perception of pain.

A typical NF1 Pain Relief & Rehabilitation Program will include:

Comprehensive Baseline Assessment

Nervous system function, organ function, inflammatory status, biomechanical/postural analysis, body composition & symmetry testing, cellular health status, nutritional & exercise habits, & much more!

Medical Consultation

An in-depth assessment with a highly trained staff member to understand your pain (frequency, sensation, acute vs. chronic, etc.), current medications, and other modalities that have/have not provided relief.

Data-Driven Exercise

Targeted personal training to target deficiencies measured during the baseline assessment that may be causing/exacerbating pain. Optimize muscular symmetry to minimize further risk of injury & pain.

Data-Driven Nutrition

Development of an individualized & anti-inflammatory nutrition program that will optimize health & minimize pain.

Data-Driven Hydration

Determine individualized daily water intake to optimize nervous system function, lymphatic system & overall health.

Detox Protocol

Flush toxins, decrease inflammation and prime the body for optimal health & performance while minimizing the risk of injury.

Nervous System Therapy

Restore autonomic nervous system (ANS) balance, which controls inflammatory responses correlated with pain perception.

Targeted Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)

Improve oxygen & nutrient-rich blood flow to areas that may be causing pain.

Mental & Physical Recovery

Nervous system therapy to improve parasympathetic balance (confirmed with HRV analysis), lymphatics, stretching & much more!

On-Going Consultations

Intermittent visits with the medical team to quantify progress and adjust treatment programs as needed.