The Evolution of Athletic Training

Athletic physical demands of each sport (and even each position within a sport) are unique, and we believe the training/therapeutic approach should be as well. Generic training programs that rely on guess work produce suboptimal results that lead to suboptimal performance, decreased health/career longevity & injuries.

At NF1, our in-depth & sport-specific baseline diagnostic testing and therapeutic approaches allow us to understand an athlete’s unique goals & deficiencies to yield a completely individualized approach. Furthermore, the NF1 Performance, Strength & Conditioning Program trains the entire athlete, including the nervous system with a focus on proper recovery, biomechanics and injury prevention.

A typical NF1 Performance, Strength & Conditioning Program will include:

Baseline Assessment

Objectively quantify athletic strengths/deficiencies in correlation with sport-specific demands (including VO2max, anaerobic threshold, pulmonary function, hydration status, cellular health & more).

Muscular Symmetry & Biomechanical Evaluation

Exercising ‘out of balance’ conditions and primes the muscles to work asymmetrically, leading to the recruitment of compensatory muscles, suboptimal performance & injuries.

Detox Protocol

Flush toxins, decrease inflammation and prime the body for optimal health & performance while minimizing the risk of injury.

Data-Driven Nutrition

Individualized caloric, macronutrient, food list & hydration recommendations.

Data-Driven Supplementation

Individualized supplementation/nutraceutical recommendations and intervention to provide micronutrients needed for optimal cellular function.

Sport-Specific & Data-Driven Exercise

Targeted strength, power & endurance training utilizing optimal heart rate training zones (for fat loss or improved conditioning, based on VO2 max assessment and metabolic efficiency).

Targeted Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)

Optimize overall circulation and oxygen-rich blood flow for optimal muscular hypertrophy, aerobic capacity or pain relief.

Nervous System Therapy

Autonomic nervous system function/on-going monitoring to assess recovery and overtraining status (typically performed at each training session) and minimize risk of injury.

Neural Priming

Activate the motor cortex and optimize performance and neuromuscular function/skill retention.


Lymphatic & nervous system targeted recovery therapy to minimize inflammatory/catabolic effects of exercise.

On Going Monitoring

Progress & training status to avoid plateaus and optimize results.