Unlocking Your Optimal Performance

NeuroForce1 (NF1) provides an individualized & data-driven approach to program development by targeting sport-specific (and even position-specific) demands, individual strengths and deficiencies measured during the baseline assessment. These programs, which have been developed by expert exercise physiologists & physicians, respect the complexity of individualized programming & periodization to avoid the generic outdated “one-size-fits-all” approach which will always lead to suboptimal gains, suboptimal overall performance and increased risk of injury.

Utilizing progress & scientifically validated protocols, diagnostics, and modalities that have typically only been available in exclusive physiology laboratories, including the NF1 Electrical Stimulation device, NF1 provides the expertise and education to allow each athlete to truly exploit their strengths, improve weakness/deficiencies, and truly unlock an individual’s optimal athletic performance.

A typical NF1 Sport Specific program will include:

Comprehensive Baseline Assessment

Nervous system function, vital organ function, hydration status, inflammatory status, lymphatic function, body composition & symmetry testing, cellular health status, nutritional & exercise habits, & much more! This baseline assessment is customized based on your sport & goal.

Medical Consultation

An in-depth assessment with a highly trained physician to understand past medical history including chronic or recurring sports injuries.


On-going educational consultations to keep athlete’s in the loop on their training program, improvements and more.

Targeted Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)

Improve/restore neuromuscular function to optimize oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow, recovery & overall performance.

Pulmonary Function Testing

Baseline & on-going monitoring of pulmonary function (SVC, FVC, MVV) including objective progress-tracking and risk stratification.

Data-Driven Exercise

Targeted personal training to target deficiencies measured during the baseline assessment and optimize sport-specific performance.

Data-Driven Nutrition

Individualized caloric and macronutrient programming to achieve optimal metabolic efficiency demands for a given sport.

Data-Driven Hydration

Determine individualized daily water intake to optimize nervous system function, lymphatic system, concentration, endurance, & overall health.

Nervous System Therapy

Optimize or restore autonomic nervous system (ANS) balance.

On-Going Consultations

Intermittent visits with the medical team to quantify progress and adjust treatment programs as needed.