There are many misconceptions about how to efficiently & effectively execute cardiovascular exercise, leading to suboptimal results, pain & related injuries and frustration. Many individuals do not understand that low intensity, longer duration exercise is how to burn fat, whereas shorter bouts of higher intensity exercise leads to improved cardiorespiratory fitness but minimal fat burning. The caveat here is that the definition of “low versus high intensity” vary greatly among individuals.

Many fitness companies claim to “keep an individual in their optimal zone” but fail to mention that they are utilizing a very simplistic equation to estimate this zone, utilizing no actual physiological data other than an individual’s age. Even more misleading is the exaggerated “calorie burn” claims based on a similar equation, which also lacks the most important detail of what you burned.

To truly optimize the efficiency of your cardiovascular training, it is important to utilize individualized training recommendations based on your unique physiological results obtained during metabolic testing. Not only does this develop precise zones that will allow you to achieve your fat-burning and improved conditioning goals, but will also yield critical information related to post-workout refueling to negate ill metabolic effects and optimize nervous system and physical recovery.

The NF1 Cardio Training 2.0 station will feature the most efficient & effective biometric monitoring systems (including gait assessments during every session) & training equipment to allow you to achieve your goals.