Traditional approaches to strength & conditioning fail to understand that building muscle on top of dysfunctional biomechanical patterns facilitates further dysfunction, accelerated physical entropy, training related injuries & chronic pain. Most individuals & athletes have some degree of maladaptive compensation (overactive & underactive muscles) that will not only limit performance if not corrected, but will also lead to suboptimal force output and absorption, asymmetrical muscle development and increased risk of injury.

It is also important to understand the difference between building bulky muscle versus functional strength, and how to leverage this strength to optimize individual function.

The Gym of the Future leverages a minimal/non-weight bearing approach that minimizes risk of injury while improving nervous system integration and functional outcomes:

  • Sport-/function-specific power development
  • Velocity based training
  • Blood flow restriction (BFR)
  • Force vector based training (individualized to function)
  • Eccentric loading
  • Force absorption & generation
  • Intermuscular strength & coordination
  • Synergistic nutrition & supplementation


NeuroForce1 is reinventing periodization & dynamic programming through an ongoing research on autonomic nervous system responses & adaptations.