Blood oxygen Temperature PPG ECG E88 smart watch

Smart watch 2021 E88 Smart Watch for Health IP68 Waterproof Sport Fitness Tracker ECG PPG Temperature Blood Pressure Watch
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High-end wrist health butler

Multi-dial switching

Avariety of cool dials and functional Ulinterface that can be switched at will to meet the diverse Aesthetic theme personality and fashion, retina-level HDlarge screen,UI interface clearand vivid

Lung health Respiratory
rate monitoring

Onerise and fall of the chestis one breath,ie.oneinhalation and oneexhalation The number of breaths per minute becomes the respiratory rate, through which the body breathes in and out oxygen and carbon dioxide Inhaleoxygenand exhalecarbon dioxidetomaintain the normal function of thelungs In adults,the respiratory rate is 12~22 times per minute when calm.

all weather

Respiratory Rate

Lung Health

sport mode

Pre-set 7 kinds of sports training,intelligent recording of exercise under the step,heart rate Distance,calories,whether indooror outdoor, record every day self-challenge

Wireless charging
Utra-long battery lif

Wireless more comfortable,each timeyouonly need to put down the watch,waiting forafull charge,enjoylie Built-infast chargingchip,multiplesecurity protection safe and stable,more convenient to carry Newlyupgraded low-powerAlalgorithm,so that the watch battery life is once again improved

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