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What Exactly is NeuroForce1?

Ever since its debut at the UFC Fight Night in Arizona on Saturday, April 14, 2018, there has been a lot of buzz about NeuroForce1. From people in the health and wellness field and world class athletes to physicians and those who are just curious, people around the world have been inquiring about NeuroForce1 with enthusiasm.

During UFC Fight Night, MMA fighter and Olympic gold medalist, Henry Cejudo chatted briefly with Cage Side Seat host, Jim Grieshaber about his experience training with the assistance of NeuroForce1. “I’ve been with NeuroForce1 for about a year now,” explains Cejudo. “I’ve seen the improvement that it’s done in my career. I think sometimes as athletes, as fighters we always want to get the edge on something and NeuroForce1 has actually helped me.”

The endorsement from Cejudo was just one of many from various world class athletes and people that are serious about fitness, training and injury recovery. But what exactly is NeuroForce1? It is a comprehensive system that addresses the specific way someone’s body works and exactly how the neuro therapy and training system can best assist someone with their training and recovery.

A key component of NeuroForce1 is the electrical stimulation device, also known as electrical stim. The science behind it uses a series of specific stimulation frequencies, pulse durations types and cycles. This helps the brain to stimulate oxygen-rich blood flow. In turn, this leads to better sports performance and a marked decrease in the time it takes to heal.

Each person and athlete is different and how their bodies work and train is unique. NeuroForce1 is completely customized to address the way an individual’s body moves and operates. Once an initial intake is done with someone, an individualized program is developed that will work with someone at the most customized level to address deficiencies and assist in better training, performance and recovery. The system can even be customized according to a specific sport!

The highly-trained staff at NeuroForce1 is serious about giving everyone the optimal experience they deserve. Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, anyone interested in finding out more about the NeuroForce1 therapy and training company is encouraged to visit the home office, take a tour and learn how the system can benefit them. During the tour, guests can also speak with some of the experts and specialists behind this exciting training and therapy regimen that is positioned to set the industry standard for athletes and others that take their health and training seriously.


By Lynette Carrington