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What Makes a Great Performance Assessment?

When you’re on a fitness journey, it is important to know where you’re at. Performance assessments help you to understand how close you are to achieving your goals and target what you need to change in order to improve overall fitness. Additionally, they can help you track your progress and allow you to adjust your exercise strategy to best fit your goals. 

NeuroForce1 is one of Scottsdale’s leading performance facilities that puts a high focus on members’ physical performance and wellness. We work closely with you to reach your fitness goals by developing customized, biometric-driven, goal-based training plans to maximize your health. Read our article below and learn what makes a great performance assessment.

What is The Purpose of a Performance Assessment?

Performance assessments allow you to evaluate your overall health and physical fitness through a series of tests. They utilize a wide range of tests and exercises in order to gather real-life data on a person’s fitness level and give them a baseline to work from. There could be several purposes for fitness testing:

  • Measuring the current fitness level when a person joins a gym
  • Tracking the progress after a period of time in a new gym
  • Determining fitness levels needed to participate in an organization such as the Army or police force
  • Estimating general health

Health Evaluation is the Base for Performance Assessments

Great fitness assessments begin with a health evaluation. It is important for the athlete being assessed to be open and honest about all their health-related information. Information gathered during a health evaluation includes: 

  • Standard height: This helps to determine if you’re undergoing healthy growth or developing bone loss.
  • Bodyweight: Your body weight can help to determine body mass index and give you an idea of any potential health risks.
  • Resting Heart Rate: This is your heart beat per minute while at rest and is a great indicator of heart health. An RHR of 60-100 beats per minute is normal for adults.

Testing Body Composition

Body composition describes the different components that make up your total body weight, including your muscles, bones, and fat. This can be measured through electrical signals sent from electrodes through the soles of your feet to your abdomen, a generalized calculation of body mass index, or skinfold measurements.

Cardiovascular Endurance Performance Assessment Element

Your cardiovascular fitness refers to your endurance during exercise. It is important to know how much oxygen and energy your body supplies while in the middle of an intense workout. A study from the LDS Hospital Fitness Institute shows that cardiovascular exercises correlate with reduced risks of chronic heart disease. Common ways to test cardiovascular endurance include treadmill and stationary bike tests or sit-up and push-up tests. The longer you last during an aerobic fitness exercise without getting tired, the healthier your lungs and heart are. 

Testing Muscle Strength and Joint Flexibility

When doing a performance assessment, muscle strength and joint flexibility are essential components. Like cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance measures how long your body can last during exercise. It evaluates the amount of time a particular muscle group can work before wearing out. 

Flexibility tests determine your joint’s range of motion. Both muscle and flexibility test results are compared to typical assessments for people in the same age group and gender to determine overall muscle and joint health. Muscle and joint health are essential to preventing injury and pain. Improving in these areas can help with correcting posture and getting more out of workouts. 

NeuroForce1 Offers Extensive Performance Assessments

NeuroForce1 is one of the Valley’s top training facilities that helps optimize the health of our members. We work closely with each one to help them understand their body and build a regimen plan that brings their health to a new level. All assessments are performed by a highly trained NF1 expert and include an easy-to-understand summary report and recommendations.

Visit our assessments page and find a performance assessment that works for your fitness goals!