Girl Talking To Trainer About Performance Assessments

What Performance Assessments Can Do For Your Health

In order to reach your goals, you need to understand the full scope of your strengths and weaknesses. Performance assessments are instrumental tools that may be used to understand areas you may consider focusing on in your workouts. Additionally, they can help you track your progress and allow you to adjust your exercise strategy to best fit your goals. 

NeuroForce1 is one of Scottsdale’s leading performance facilities that puts a high focus on members’ physical performance and wellness. We work closely with you to reach your fitness goals by developing customized, biometric-driven, goal-based training plans to maximize your health. Read our article below and learn what performance assessments can do for your health.

What Are Performance Assessments?

An assessment is a tool that is used to measure an individual skill or to evaluate a participant’s biometrics, such as:

  • Blood pressure
  • Body weight
  • Body fat
  • Pulmonary functions
  • Strength and power
  • And much more

Effective assessments and experienced assessors provide participants with valuable information to recognize areas they need to work on to improve their overall health. For example, say you test out your pulmonary function. Depending on your results, you may be given information on how you can improve your lung efficiency based on the data taken from your performance assessments.

Why Should You Partake in Performance Assessments?

As mentioned, one of the biggest reasons to participate in a performance assessment is to determine your capabilities before physical training. But, on top of that these assessments provide you with information that determines your limitations. This helps you create an exercise plan that will eventually allow you to break these limitations and maximize your health.

Another reason you should consider enrolling in performance assessments is how it sets realistic performance standards to personalize your training. This will allow you to create appropriate performance goals that match your capabilities. Once you reach those, you can participate in another assessment and reevaluate a new set of goals.

Performance assessments also serve as a great motivator to be a better you. Don’t be dissuaded if your results don’t come back as expected. Use it as a motivation to work towards better results. 

NeuroForce1 Offers Extensive Performance Assessments

NeuroForce1 is one of the Valley’s top training facilities that helps optimize the health of our members. We work closely with each one to help them understand their body and build a regimen plan that brings their health to a new level. We also offer an incredible range of dietary supplements from Thorne and Ucan to match your healthy diet!


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