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With NeuroForce1 in his corner, Henry Cejudo is positioned to make history at UFC Title Fight

Winning the Olympic gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in the Men’s Freestyle Bantamweight would certainly be the career pinnacle for any number of athletes. But, if you’re Henry Cejudo, the Olympic medal was just the beginning. He has buckled down, upped his game, paired with elite company NeuroForce1 for training and recovery and is getting ready to tackle something that has never been done in the history of sports.

UFC fighter currently ranked No. 2 in the flyweight division, Cejudo will be in Los Angeles at the Staples Center August 4 for the big title fight during UFC 227 when he battles Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson.

Jim Grieshaber is the play-by-play announcer and host of Cage Side Seat MMA and will be embedded with Cejudo’s camp for the entirety of UFC 227. Cejudo is in the position to become the world’s first Olympic gold medalist to win a UFC title and there is a lot at stake.

“I’ve known Henry for eight years and NeuroForce1 is doing everything with him,” says Grieshaber. “It’s amazing. NeuroForce1 is working with Henry on his conditioning, nutrition, and workouts. NeuroForce1 does neuromuscular therapy, so they are also doing therapy and recovery.”

Chief Science Officer at NeuroForce1, Kevin Longoria explains, “NeuroForce1 had the opportunity to work with Henry when he suffered a hand injury that required him to pull out of UFC 211. Henry was very pleased with his rapid recovery and has utilized NeuroForce1 services through recent fights without re-injury or aggravation. Since that time, NeuroForce1 CEO and owner Karim Amin have built and maintained a great business relationship and friendship with Henry and Team Cejudo.”

Cejudo personally invited NeuroForce1 to present to the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas in order to discuss the development and execution of the NeuroForce1 data-driven training programs used for his upcoming fight against Demetrious Johnson. “Following this meeting, Henry and Team Cejudo chose to sign NeuroForce1 as the official camp partner based on NF1’s individualized and data-driven approach, which far exceeds what is typically performed during a combat sports training camp.”

Eric “Captain” Albarracin is Cejudo’s trainer and has been nothing short of astonished at his athlete’s elevation after starting with NeuroForce1 a year ago. “Now, we have a roadmap and we’re not guessing anymore,” says Albarracin. “We have heart rate zone targets that we meet and we’re following specific time frames as far as training. NeuroForce1 is bringing the science into it and we’re making sure Henry’s arriving at the site fresh, uninjured, in the best of his life. Once that cage door is closed, we’re going to unleash a beast, a machine, an Aztec warrior!”

“Henry uses NeuroForce1 three times a day,” Albarracin continues. “He uses it after practices and to go to sleep, as well. It definitely makes a difference.” He goes on to explains that during a previous training camp in Brazil, Cejudo didn’t have the NeuroForce1 neuro stim device with him. Cejudo returned to the U.S. two weeks before Albarracin and the coach noticed an immediate difference in his athlete upon returning home. “He was shredded! He looked insane and I had never seen that before. That’s another level where he got shredded in two weeks using NeuroForce1 electric stim. This is about training and being smarter, and I think that’s the biggest difference between the Cedjudo camp and the others.”