Karim Amin

President & Founder

Karim Amin is an entrepreneur who has owned and operated many small business ventures including most recently PCI clinical laboratory and PCI wellness center. As owner and CEO of the PCI lab and wellness center, he co-authored several papers in Scientific Journals and aid in the formulation of the world-famous nutraceutical “Freedom Cleanse Restore.”

Andre Hicks

Director of Human Performance

Andre Hicks is a human performance specialist with over a decade of experience working with every population from young children and the elderly to professional athletes and Olympians. Andre started his career as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach and has since worked in every sector of the health and fitness industry from physical therapy clinics to world class sports performance gyms. Andre graduated with a degree in Exercise Science from Southwest Baptist University where he also excelled in NCAA football. At NF1 Andre utilizes his vast knowledge of human performance to develop and implement cutting edge training and diagnostic protocols for all incoming clients. Andre has taken hundreds of athletes and teams in a variety of professional sports organizations such as the NFL, MLB, NBA, UFC, NCAA, USA Olympic Team to the top of their game.


Noah Feinberg

Performance Coach

Noah Feinberg is a performance coach who has had a lifelong experience as an athlete and working in training facilities. From personal training in NYC for years to working with general population fitness, he has built the cornerstones of performance, recovery, and mindset that led him into training elite athletes at the highest level. He uses data, technology, strength and conditioning principles, and emotional intelligence to provide individualized one on one coaching for his athletes. Noah has helped train Olympians as well as professional MMA and USA Taekwondo athletes.  He graduated with a BS in Business Admin from Bryant University and is now in a MS for Sports Science from Hofstra University. He is originally from Long Island, NY
Certifications: CSCS, RPR Level 2

Jen Hatz

Jen is a registered dietitian and certified specialist in sports dietetics with a masters™ in nutrition, a certified strength and conditioning specialist with a masters™ in exercise physiology, and she also holds a degree in psychology. She has worked and studied across the field of health and wellness over the last decade in a variety of roles, primarily as a sports dietitian and human performance specialist with athletes ranging from collegiate, professional, Olympic, and tactical populations. She focuses on utilizing science and technology with a practical application into real life creating a well-rounded approach of performance and wellness coaching for individuals to realize, meet, and exceed their own potential. Her future endeavors include conducting and contributing to research in pursuit of a PhD in neuroscience or related field, specifically focused on the relationship between lifestyle factors with neurodegenerative diseases like CTE, and concussion treatment protocols.

Certifications: MS, RD, LDN, CSSD, CSCS

Charod Bridges

Performance Specialist

Charod Bridges is a performance specialist whose passion is helping athlete’s unlock their highest potential. As a former collegiate basketball player, the performance aspect of training sparked him to pursue a career which ultimately became a passion. Charod’s experience over the past decade ranges from training the weekend warrior, to long term athletic development of competitive high school & collegiate athletes, to NFL combine preparation. Charod has led performance programs in both the private sector and in university weight rooms. Specializing in power sports, Charod has worked with NCAA & Elite athletes from various sports like basketball, football, soccer, baseball & softball, tennis, & gymnastics. Even the occasional powerlifting competitor. As a New York City native, he’s no stranger to intensity & competitiveness, which is evident through his coaching.

Mike Grove

Director of Technology

Brian Payne

Director of Finance