Optimizing Human Performance means Optimizing the Human Body

Human performance is an energy exchange. What you take in, and are able to do with it, translates to what you put out and able to make of it. When you optimize this energy exchange, you optimize your performance.

How well you respond to training, eating, and recovery, depends entirely on how well your body functions internally, and how well you adapt externally. That means optimizing performance is an inside job and YOU and your body translate it out into how you move and how you thrive.


You could be limiting yourself and not even know it

Did you know you could eat exactly how you planned, taking in what your body needs, but not actually digest, absorb, and use all those nutrients? That can mean all of that protein you eat that you intend to build your cells and tissues may not actually be fully absorbed and used, so you end up behind on your protein goal. That means despite eating according to your plan, you end up limiting your recovery, your strength, your power, your lean body mass, even your ability to sleep, train, think, and live the way you want. Those amino acids are important, and you need to know they’re doing their job. 

If your body is functioning optimally, you can use exactly what you intend to use. Take the guesswork out and optimize how well you absorb the nutrients you need. 

Your body needs balance to operate

Did you know that your body needs to find balance, and will adjust if there’s an imbalance, even by slowing you down or down-regulating cell functions to adjust to what it needs? That can mean an inappropriate balance like too much or too little of a nutrient, a stressor, even cell or metabolic byproducts that accumulate can have adverse reactions or downstream effects that reduce your performance, down-regulate cell functions, and even damage cells. If left unchecked, this can impact cell signaling and how your body operates hormonally and metabolically. You need to remove what is no longer needed, and do so efficiently, to keep going.  

If your body is functioning optimally, you will have a natural balance internally that allows for performance externally. Optimize your ability to self-regulate so you can keep going.


Your body builds itself from what you give it

Did you know that everything you eat and drink gets used by, builds, and operates every cell of your body? That means every cell in your body including muscle, bone, your immune system, your organs, even your neurotransmitters and hormones were all built by your own body because of what you eat and drink, and this is continually happening. That means optimizing your performance comes down to optimizing what you take in, how well you use it, and allowing what is no longer needed to be removed so you can make new cells that continue to make forward progress, grow, build, run, and move. This is what it means to optimize your body internally, so it can respond optimally externally.  

If your body is functioning optimally, you can build it to be unstoppable. Optimize your training, your effort, and your results, from the inside out.

The Reset You Need

Our simple three step system is designed specifically to optimize your body internally with how well you digest, absorb, and regulate so that you are getting the most out of what you take in, and translating it into what you put out. This is a body reset that works internally to optimize function with proven results externally.

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