Optimizing human performance means

Optimizing the human being

Everything is an energy exchange. What you take in, and are able to do with it, translates to what you put out and able to make of it. Holistic human performance focuses on all areas including what you feed yourself physically and mentally.

Your body is dynamically adapting internally based on what is happening externally.

The same principles of adjusting your training to adapt to you applies with your nutrition as well. Through a combination of nutrition tracking, biofeedback assessments, goal-based supplementation, and a growing library of education materials tailored for you by our Registered Dietitian and expert in human performance nutrition, you’ll be able to gain the knowledge and insight into what you need nutritionally with the tools to do so.

We place expertise in the palm of your hand

Specialized education, tools, and resources designed specifically for you to meet your health, performance, and wellness needs all in a remote-friendly way

01. Nutrition Tracking Tool

The NF1 app includes a nutrition tracking tool with goal-based calorie and macronutrient recommendations specifically put together by our Registered Dietitian and expert in human performance nutrition. This is not the typical “diet plan” but true performance-based recommendations that are meant to fuel your performance and promote your recovery.

02. Step by Step Meal Planning

A step-by-step meal planning guide so you can build your own meal plan that fits you. Plan out your schedule, your favorite foods, which combinations of foods to look for, and how to estimate the amounts of foods you’ll need so you can shop smart and avoid waste. Use the NF1 app to track your foods and portions so you are hitting your calorie and macronutrient goals.

03. Comprehensive Virtual Course

A comprehensive virtual course that covers nutrition, hydration, sleep, recovery, stress management, social life & alcohol, and ongoing mindset coaching. This course was specifically designed for high performance individuals to learn about themselves and how to navigate decisions to take care of themselves and maximize their potential.

04. Consulting services offered for individuals and groups with our Registered Dietitian and human performance expert.


Jen is a Licensed and Registered Dietitian and Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics with a Master’s in nutrition, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a Master’s in exercise physiology, and she also holds a degree in psychology. She has worked and studied across the field of health and wellness over 12+ years in a variety of roles, primarily as a sports dietitian and human performance specialist with athletes and teams ranging from collegiate, professional, Olympic, and tactical populations. She developed a methodology for a well-rounded approach to health, performance, and wellness coaching that focuses on utilizing science and technology with a practical application into real life for individuals to realize, meet, and exceed their own potential. She takes an education-first approach and focuses her work towards increasing knowledge, awareness, and practical decision-making so that everyone gains lifelong skills and the confidence to use them. Her future endeavors include contributing to research in pursuit of a PhD in Neuroscience, with a focus on the relationship between lifestyle factors with mental health, neurodegenerative diseases like CTE, and concussion treatment protocols. She also has an array of impact projects related to sustainable efforts and improving equitable food distribution.