NeuroForce1’s mobile fitness app is a highly detailed yet easy to understand tool developed to help you optimize your body and improve your health

Why Choose NF1?

The NF1 app brings the same individualized dynamic programming and cutting edge training methods used by world class athletes to the palm of your hand.


Using your goals and biometric data the NF1 app will select the best program for you and alter the intensity to match your daily readiness.

Recover Faster

The NF1 app has the capability to optimize your day to day training needs.


Daily nutrition and supplementation planning built around your individual macro and micro nutrient needs.


With My Evolution you can gauge your strength and weaknesses through easy-to-follow assessments, establishing a baseline and allowing you to track progress.


The NF1 app has an extensive exercise library hosting
hundreds of videos complete with descriptions & targeted muscle groups as well as a multitude of goal-based routines ranging all the way from mobility flows to conditioning


A pre-designed training program acts as a great roadmap to guide you toward your health and fitness goals. However, this often fails to take into account all the daily stressors one will encounter on the way to their destination. That is where the NF1 readiness tracking feature steps in. This feature acts as the “gps” in your performance journey, accounting for every unpredictable twist and turn on your path.

Using the input from your chosen wearable device the NF1 app can alter the volume and intensity of your daily workout to best match your current readiness. This feature ensures your program is catering to you, not the other way around.

Measure What Matters

The NF1 app will collect applicable health & performance biomarkers to objectively assess individual strengths & deficiencies related to your goals.

With data in hand, the NF1 app will provide you with a personalized, goal based work out program with day-to-day guided training based on your ( HRV ) readiness.


With the NF1 app you can pair any standard Bluetooth heart rate monitor for accurate heart rate training. 

For even more data, you can pair any E60, E80 and E88 fitness device to track not only your heart rate, but your HRV, Blood Oxygen, Respiratory rate and more.

Heart Rate

Your Heart Rate is simply the number of times the heart beats within a certain time period, usually a minute.

Respiratory Rate

Respiratory rate (RR), or the number of breaths per minute, is a clinical sign that represents ventilation


Blood oxygen levels are indicated as SpO2, which is the percent saturation of oxygen in the blood.


Heart Rate Variability known as HRV is a measure of the variation in time between each heartbeat.

Pricing Plans

Just want to give the app a test drive?
Grab a 14 Day Free Trial and get access to all the great features.
The only thing you will be missing out on is the advance training programing and fitness tracking you get with the paired E60, E80 and/or E88 fitness tracker.


$349 Lifetime Access
  • Free NF1 Wearable*
  • All Premium Features
  • Movements & Routines
  • Training Program Library
  • Nutrition Macros
  • Food Tracking
  • My Evolution


$99 per year
  • $80 Annual Discount
  • Free NF1 Wearable*
  • All Premium Features
  • Full Training Program Library
  • Movements & Routines
  • Nutrition Macros
  • Daily Food Tracking
  • My Evolution


per month
  • Movement Library
  • Routine Library
  • Program Library
  • Nutrition Macros
  • Food Tracking
  • My Evolution

*The Free NF1 Wearable is only available while supplies last.
Upon registration you will be shipped an E80 and or E88 fitness wearable.
Expect 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Frequently asked questions

The NF1 app uses your HRV score to determine your readiness for select programs and routines. Based on this score the routines will dynamically adjust to provide you with the perfect routine to help you achieve your desired goals.

Currently the NF1 app will work with any standard Bluetooth heart rate monitor and the heart rate will be displayed while paired. In addition the NF1 app will sync with any E60, E80 and E88 fitness watch/device available. Other devices will be available in Q2, 2022.

yes the NF1 app works for all fitness levels. The programs have been developed by the NF1 coaches with everyone in mind. There are some very high level programs but also programs that the novice can follow. In addition you gain access to over 700+ movements that you can use to build your own fitness routines and/or programs.