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I hereby acknowledge my responsibility in communicating any physical and psychological concerns that might conflict with participation in activity. I acknowledge that I am physically fit and mentally capable of performing the physical activity I choose to participate in. After having read this waiver and knowing these facts, and in consideration of acceptance of my participation and NF1 furnishing services to me, I agree, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, to HOLD HARMLESS, WAIVE AND RELEASE NF1, its officers, agents, employees, organizers, representatives, and successors from any responsibility, liabilities, demands, or claims of any kind arising out of my participation in NF1 training, programs, assessments, dietary recommendations, supplementation recommendations, any and all recommendations, any and all advice, any and all referrals, and/or events. By my signature I indicate that I have read and understand this Waiver of Liability. I am aware that this is a waiver and a release of liability and I voluntarily agree to its terms."

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