Strength & Power Assessment

Strength & Power Assessment

Strength & Power Assessment

Discover the true potential of your strength and power with Neuro Force One’s Strength & Power Assessment. At Neuro Force One, we’re dedicated to unlocking your full athletic potential. Elevate your strength and power with our assessment, and embark on a journey to peak performance today.



What’s Assessed:
Strength and power capacity, Rate of force production, Neuromuscular efficiency, Risk of Injury, Athletic Performance Potential.

What You Get:
Detailed Report, Individualized strength/resistance training, nutrition and supplementation recommendations, 10% discount towards a personalized remote training program.

Athletic strength and power refer to the forces or torques generated during sporting activity. Their assessment can be used for strength diagnosis or talent identification, to monitor the effects of training interventions and to estimate the relative significance of strength and power to particular athletic pursuits.

Prep Requirements:
Wear athletic clothing/footwear (ie, athletic shorts, tennis shoes). Avoid strenuous activities the day of assessment, do not ingest any food or supplement that you would not normally ingest prior to assessment. Do not perform assessment if currently suffering or recovering from a musculoskeletal injury or surgery.

Sample Report