Getting Started

How To Track My Foods

Making progress with your training and your body depends on your nutrition. Currently the NF1 app maintains a database of recommended whole foods from our performance dietitian. These foods comprise the majority of whole food staple items that can make for easy decision-making. Tracking your foods each day guides those decisions of which foods to eat, and how much, as you aim for your daily nutrition goals. You’ve been given your own unique nutrition goals with total calories for the day separated into macronutrients based on your body and your goals. Hitting your daily nutrition goals with your food choices gives you the best results during your training program.

We are using a simple food search for quick results.

For example if you have eaten scrambled eggs for breakfast, simply type the word “eggs” and press search. you will be give a result that you can select, enter a quantity and save.

If you also had 2 slices of bacon. Just enter the word bacon and press search to add that to your meal.

Removing or Editing Foods You Ate

If for any reason you need to edit the servings you have eaten or remove a food item from your list for that day, select the meal from the nutrition screen. Here you will see the foods you have logged. Now swipe from right to left to expose the EDIT and DELETE option. Select the action you would like to take and continue.

Adding Your Own Foods

If there are foods you regularly like to eat and you would like to add them to your food database, select the meal you would like to add the food too, then click the 3 dots in the top right corner of the app.

Here you will be able to add a single food item, create a meal from your foods, and view your saved food list.