Getting Started

How To Use The Programs

Programs are designed as a compilation of routines that coincide with each other from day to day. You will complete a program to produce a desired outcome/result. By clicking in the “Ready to Train” category on the home screen of your app, you will have the option to select to view all programs. Once you are on the programs page, you can search a particular program, or sort and filter by your exact goal. Once you find a program you like, navigate through to the first day and hit start.

Once you choose a program and start date, the routines of the selected program will auto populate your calendar.

Each day, any routines that is assigned to that day will be displayed on your dashboards screen. When you are read to begin the routine, simply click on the routine and press the start button.

When are have completed the routine you can press stop and save. This will log the routine and your results in your fitness journal.